Downloadable Acoustic Guitar Plans

All guitar plans can be downloaded for free as PDF files that print on paper 36 inches by 24 inches.  The scale is 1:1 and dimensions can be read directly off the plans.  When printed at full size, you can take measurements right off the plans.

All plans are free to download.  You may download and print the plans only for your own personal use.  Redistribution by any means or format is prohibited.  Click here for the full terms of the license agreement.  By clicking "download" you agree to these terms.   

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OM Sized Acoustic Guitar

Scale Length:  25.4 inches

Lower Bout Width: 15 inches

Body Length: 19 3/8 inches

Frets to Neck Joint: 14

These drawings have similar dimensions to plans for a Martin OM. The body shape has been updated to a more modern design than the boxy Martin OM.

3/4 Sized Acoustic Guitar

Scale Length:  23.5 inches

Lower Bout Width: 14 1/8 inches

Body Length: 17 5/8 inches

Frets to Neck Joint: 14

These drawings have similar dimension to plans for a Taylor GS mini. Despite the smaller body, it gives a surprisingly rich tone and is a great size for playing while lying on the couch!

This mechanical drawing shows my bolt on neck design for acoustic guitars.  It uses a 7/16 brass rod that is drill and tapped to receive 1/4-20 bolts.  This is much sturdier than drilling into the tenon to insert knock-down hardware -- there is very little wood supporting the neck load in that design.  

It is a variation of Trevor Gore's approach which uses a square rod and requires chiseling a square hole to accept the rod. 

During construction, be sure to align the threaded holes before filling the epoxy plug.  Cutting a screwdriver slot into the end of the rod makes this possible.

Bolt on Neck Design

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