Downloadable Ukulele Plans

Many available plans show bracing for factory guitars and are too heavy.  The plans below lighten the bracing to provide a more responsive instrument. I have also developed body shapes with a more modern design aesthetic.  I'm interested to hear your feedback  - email me at 

All plans can be downloaded for free as PDF files that print on paper 36 inches by 24 inches.  The scale is 1:1 and dimensions can be read directly off the plans.  When printed at full size, you can take measurements right off the plans.

All plans are free to download.  You may download and print the plans only for your own personal use.  Redistribution by any means or format is prohibited.  Click here for the full terms of the license agreement.  By clicking "download" you agree to these terms.   

Questions?  See the FAQs page.

Tenor Ukulele

All dimensions in inches.

Baritone Ukulele

All dimensions in inches.

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